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I am a long term Linux enthusiast, who recently started coding. I have a background in electronics repair, and enjoy taking on DIY projects whenever I have time and/or space.


Hybrid Network/Cloud Engineer and coder. Adept at managing difficult projects, creating new business systems, and delivering corporate IT solutions. Currently looking for new career opportunities while sharpening my coding skills.

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While I have held a range of different jobs over the years, one thing that has unified the ones I have been successful with is troubleshooting. As much as the idea of a job where I simply take on a pre-measured amount of work and get through it seems appealing - my mind does not work that way. While constantly chasing after gremlins can be fun and rewarding as a pass-time, I find automation to be the logical way to preemptively use my itch to find out how things work to build things that work better, rather than just taking apart and fixing the things that are not working the way they are supposed to.


Cisco Certified Network Associate: Nov. 2022
Google IT Automation with Python: Dec. 2021
Google IT Support Professional: Sep. 2020


My current setup: Neofetch laptop

Current reading list:

  • Linux for Networking Professionals, Rob Vanderbrink
  • How to Take Smart Notes, Sönke Ahrens
  • Mastering Python Networking, Eric Chou

Currently working on:

Looking for my next position. Puttering around with my collection of rescued computers - writing bash scripts, tinkering with my dotfiles, setting up lab exercises to try out new configurations. I am playing around with setting up Proxmox on old hardware to get more experience administering VMs. Getting better at coding. At some point in the not too distant future I plan on investing the time in reading the classic Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Finally, I keep threatening to re-learn Latin.