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CCNA completed, now what?

Exploring the Wide World of Networking

I recently successfully completed the CCNA through self-study. This has meant that for the last few months I have been focused on networking instead of programming and that I have invested most of that time in learning Cisco’s IOS. I have also been a Linux enthusiast and occasional sysadmin for well over a decade, and would like to start expanding from basic Linux administration into learning the wider world of Linux networking. Now that I have a bit more leeway in what I spend my time learning I plan to look at some of Cisco’s competitors in the networking space, especially NVIDIA’s Cumulus Linux, Arista’s EOS, and basically anything else that I can legally lab up with GNS3.

As with learning anything on practical in the Internet the first major challenge is picking a starting point. Over the next few weeks (job search permitting) I plan to start adding some posts with links to the resources I come across, walkthrough outlining any tricks to setting up an environment to experiment with ‘white-box’ networking, and any ideas for real-world applications I come across

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