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Choosing a hypervisor

Why I am Installing Proxmox

If you want a really simple answer it is because of Linux Containers. Right now I happen to be using a VERY old tower a neighbor was throwing out as my virtualization server. With only 8GB of RAM and a single Intel I5 from 2009, I need to be as efficient as possible, and Proxmox seemed like the way to go. Once I am working full time, and I upgrade my homelab, I would like to explore XCP-NG and possibly ESXi, but for now I want to see how much I can get out of what I have.

Some of the resources I am using to learn how to use Proxmox

  • Learn Linux TV has been an excellent source of information and inspiration. The material Jay offers on Proxmox is a great starting point.
  • Reading the manual is usually a good place to start. The Proxmox VE Admin Guide
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