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Currently working on:

Preparing for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam.
Continuing to improve my coding and network automation skills.
Finding an IT job in New York City

Learning Go

I have started learning Go (or Golang if you prefer). This repo is me coding along (free time project that I can only put a few hours a week into) with Learn Go with Tests by Chris James. I have also been moving along the Go track on exercisim.io

Past projects


Rock Paper Scissors Game

I am fairly sure it is mandatory that any introductory programming course have a game of rock, paper, scissors as an assignment. This version includes a couple of patterns for the computer player to select from randomly

Google IT Automation with Python, final project

This is the code I wrote for the final lab of Google’s IT Automation With Python capstone module “Automating Real-World Tasks with Python” This is an example of a script that was put together under time pressure to get ‘good-enough’ results.

Google IT Automation with Python, Image Manipulation

This project makes use of the Python Imaging Library to perform some common image manipulation tasks (rotate, resize, change format) on a folder of images


An IT professional must be able to support web-based applications as well as traditional web-pages. I think it is important to understand the skills used to create them, as well as maintain them.

Animal Trading Cards

One of the earlier projects in the Intro to Programming nano-Degree I completed through Udacity. View the code repository on GitHub

Pixel Art Maker

My version of the common introductory JavaScript project. Code is available on GitHub


SEO Copy: Estate Millworks

While going through some old backups I came across some copy I wrote quite a long time ago. While I don’t plan on working directly in marketing/SEO, being able to communicate effectively is an important skill for a technology professional, so I thought it should be included here.